Product AWS JIS EN Description
KNi-96 A5.11 / ENi-1 ENi2061 ENi2061 It is ideal for the machinery of pressure vessels, fabrications, chemical and food stuff industry.
KNi-70A A5.11 / ENiCrFe-1 ENi6062 ENi6062 It is used for butt welding in INCONEL, INCONEL to low alloy, stainless steel, etc.
KNi-70B A5.11 / ENiCrFe-2 DNiCrFe-2 ENi6092 It is ideal for welding Ni-Cr-Fe alloy, 9%Ni steel, forged/casting working pieces, and dissimilar materials (carbon stee
KNi-70C A5.11 / ENiCrFe-3 ENi6182 ENi6182 It is used for welding pressure and chemical tanks.
KNi-60-3 A5.11 / ENiCrMo-3 ENi6625 ENi6625 It is ideal for welding chemical procedure equipment, such as Incon 62, high nickel alloy and dissimilar steel.
KNi-60-4 A5.11 / ENiCrMo-4 ENi6276 ENi6276 It is ideal for welding HASTELLOY C-276, nickel alloy and dissimilar materials.
KNi-60-7 A5.11 / ENiCrMo-7 ENi6455 ENi6455 It is ideal for welding valves, pumps accessories and pro-chemical facilities.

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