Product AWS JIS EN Description
KM-51 ER70S-G YGW15 G422M21Z Suitable for welding mild steel and 490N/mm2 grade steel, such as ship-building, steel structure and machinery.
KM-53 ER70S-3 YGW16 G422M212Si Applied to thin plates which need high travel speed welding.
KM-54 ER70S-4 / ER48S-4 YGW12 G42ZC13Si1 Ideal for ship-building, vehicles, bridges and pipes with less spatters and arc stability.
KM-55 ER80S-G YGW18 G500C1Z Ideal for welding pillars and beams at high current.
KM-56 ER70S-6 YGW12 G42 3 C1 3Si1 Applied to butt and fillet welding for structures, such as bridges, constructions and shipbuilding.
KM-58 ER70S-G YGW11 G420C1Z Ideal for welding thick plate for ship-building, steel structures and bridges with good weldability at high currents.
KM-60 ER80S-G G59JA1UC3MIT G500C1Z Ideal for welding in bridges, constructions and pressure vessels.
KM-70 ER70S-6 / ER48S-6 YGW12 G423CG2Si Ideal for welding sheet metal in vehicles and body repair.
KM-56Z ER70S-6/ ER48S-6 YGW12 G42 3 C1 3Si1 Non-copper coating GMAW wire and suitable for welding 490N/mm2 grade steel.

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