Product AWS JIS EN Description
KTS-307HM - - W188Mn Weld metal is non-magnetic austenite with 6% Mn. Excellent for buffer layer of high hardenability and 14% high Mn steel.
KTS-307Si - - W188Mn Better weldability and puddle fluidity than KTS-307HM.
KTS-308 ER308 YS308 - Ideal for welding 18%Cr-8%Ni steel.
KTS-308L ER308L YS308L W199L Ideal for welding SUS304L steel. Better corrosion resistance than KTS-308.
KTS-308H ER308H YS308H W199H Higher strength at high temperature than KTS-308.Ideal for welding AISI 308H steel.
KTS-308LSi ER308LSi YS308L W199LSi Better weldability and puddle fluidity than KTS-308L.
KTS-309 ER309 YS309 W2212H Ideal for welding dissimilar metals (low carbon steel and Cr-Mo steel), SUS309 and SCS17 steel.
KTS-309LMo ER309LMo YS309LMo W23122L Better strength, crack and corrosion resistance at high temperature than KTS-309 due to additional Mo content.
KTS-309L ER309L YS309L W2312L Ideal for welding low carbon stainless steel, low carbon clad steel, SUS 309S heat resistant steel 13% Cr steel and diss
KTS-309LSi ER309LSi YS309L W2312LSi Better weldability and puddle fluidity than KTS-309L.

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