Product AWS JIS EN Description
KTS-310 ER310 YS310 W2520 Better for welding dissimilar metals, high self-hardening alloy steel and high carbon steel than KTS-309.
KTS-312 ER312 YS312 W299 Ideal for welding dissimilar metals, clad steels, stainless steel sheet lining, and hard-to-weld steel and high hardenab
KTS-316 ER316 YS316 - Ideal for welding AISI 316 steel.
KTS-316L ER316LER316L YS316L W 19 12 3 L Ideal for welding AISI 316L steel.
KTS-316H ER316H YS316 W19123H Ideal for welding AISI 316H steel.
KTS-316LSi ER316LSi YS316LSi W19123LSi Better weldability and puddle fluidity than KTS-316L.
KTS-317 ER317 YS317 - Good heat and corrosion resistance to sulfuric, sulphurous and organic acid due to higher Ni, Cr and Mo content.
KTS-317L ER317L YS317L / Good corrosion resistance to sulfuric, sulphurous and organic acid. High strength at high temperature. Ultra low carbon
KTS-320 ER320 YS320 - Ideal for application with severe corrosion.
KTS-330 ER330 YS330 W1836H Ideal for welding AISI 330 forging and casting. Suitable for heat and oxidation resistant applications over 980°C.

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