Product AWS JIS EN Description
KL-516 E7016/E4916 E4916 E42 3 B 1 2 For low alloy steel, medium-carbon steel, heavy steel plates and cast steels.
KL-50V E7048/E4948 E4948 E42 3 B 1 1 Ideal for welding on ship-building, bridges and steel structures.
KL-50U E7016/E4916 E4916 E42 3 B 1 1 Particularly designed for root pass welding and penetrated one-side welding.
KL-53 - E4903 E42 0 RB 1 2 Suitable for welding high tensile steel in flat and flat fillet positions for ship-building, bridges and steel structure
KL-508 E7018/E4918 E4918 E42 3 B 3 2 KL-508 performs well in large steel structures, tanks, pressure vessels and casting steels. Ideal for applications that
KL-514 E7014/E4914 E4914 E42 0 R 1 2 It is perfect for welding in thin plates without burning them through due to the less penetration. Suitable for auto
KL-524 E7024/E4924 E4924 E42 0 RR 5 3 Ideal for the fillet welds of T-beam or H-beam. It is also suitable for multi-pass welding.
KL-526 E7028/E4928 E4928 E42 2 B 5 3 It is specially designed for flat or horizontal position and gravity welding, with good weldability of the first layer.
KL-818 E8018-G/E5518-G E5518-G E50 2 B 3 2 Ideal for medium/high carbon steel, low manganese alloy steel and high tensile strength steel, such as ASTM A516. Sui
KL-918 E9018-G/E6218-G E6218-N1M1 E55 3 Z B 3 2 Suitable for pressure vessels /pipes, bridges, ship-building and offshore structures.

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